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By Jeorge Asare-Djan


All prints on display are A3 in size, cardboard mounted and are part of a special limited edition for this exhibition, and come signed and numbered by the Artist.

Price of all A3 prints on display is £40.

Prints are also available in other sizes, including A4. Other options are also available, mounted and 


I have been drawing and painting ever since I have been old enough to pick up a brush. One of my earliest memories I can recollect, is of standing behind an easel wearing an artist apron, overlooking my beautiful back garden, painting bright and vivid flowers in my beloved Ghana. Since then I’ve never stopped drawing and painting, using all sorts of varied mediums including, graphite and caran d’ache pencils, watercolours and oils paints. Although these days, I sometimes also like working digitally as well, using my trusty computer as a creative medium, along side and mixed with traditional mediums, as and when I choose to.

And yes, I have a formal background in Art and Design, having studied these subjects 
at University. There is much to be gained from formal training and education, technique and method being just a few to mention. However for me the most important ingredient and enduring power of Art is simply of sharing ideas, passions and concepts. For me it’s all about communication, if you will. Sharing my perspectives on the vibrancy, mystery and magic within life and reality that I see and experience with a willing audience, and what better place to do so then in a café in the heart of Kentish Town owned by Mario.

This small body of work on display in this humble and beautiful space, represents 
a retrospective in miniature of many of the key passions and interests that have 
captivated my thoughts and mind over the last twenty plus years or so. A slice of 
everything from the music and culture of my youth, to the enduring qualities of 
the natural world and the mysteries she reveals. To the dynamic qualities and 
expression of the human countenance and bodily form. To the truths of a Spiritual depth that co-exists side by side with the ordinary and mundane world. A Spiritual reality, to which some individuals periodically glimpse or gain a little insight into, 
but which society, broadly speaking pays little attention to. I hope you enjoy the Art 
you see here at Mario’s Café, and hope you gain something from the experience.

I am also a Spiritual and Reiki Healer, a Lecturer and Teacher on various Spiritual 
subject matters, including the Angelic Realm, of which I have given many workshops and talks on. I am also in the process of writing my first book focused on the purpose, realities and functions of the Angelic Realm.


Mobile: 07772 680856

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Past Exhibitions

Artists who have previously exhibited at Marios Cafe....

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The year was 1958 when my grandfather Mario opened up ‘Tony’s Restaurant’ at 6 Kelly Street. He hailed from the Puglia region of Italy and had decided to name the place after his son and my dad, Tony.

Things bobbed along nicely for several years, attracting lots of students from the local Polytechnic just around the corner. Polytechnic’s gone now, its luxury flats, as you’d expect.

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Then in true Italian fashion, Tony had a bust up with Mario and walked out, leaving Mario to run the place alone. He struggled to continue without him and eventually leased the place to a Chinese family. So in 1974 ‘Tony’s Restaurant’ became ‘The Golden Sun’.

10 years passed before the lease was up for renewal and for reasons best known to him, my grandfather refused to lease it to the Chinese family. So it sat empty for 4 years during which time he passed away. It was then, Tony (my dad) found himself redundant from the Greek restaurant he’d been working at. He was aged 55. So striking a deal with his siblings, the place opened up as a cafe again.

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So much to our disapproval ‘Mario’s Cafe’ was born on 6th June 1989 and this time they named it after me! At the time I was an uneducated unemployed pot smoking wannabe rock star, so I was roped in to help out. I was only supposed to be there for a year until I realised how much music was associated with the area. The Falcon Pub quickly becoming my favourite music venue.

After a year, my dad had a heart attack, had to go off to have triple bypass surgery and left me holding the baby so to speak. I’m still here and the rest is history....

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A small selection of photos of the cafe as it is today.

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'Mario's Cafe' (2010)

by Roland Denning


6 Kelly Street
Kentish Town, London


Monday - Saturday, 7.30am - 4pm
Tube: Kentish Town
Bus: 46, 134, 214, 393, C2